Granite Countertop Estimate

Granite Countertop Estimate

There is no need to guess how much your project is going to cost.

If you fax/email in a rough sketch of your job with lengths and widths of your cabinets, our sales rep can get backto you with an accurate quote within one to two business days. If you visit our showroom, we can usually complete a quote for you in about 30 minutes while you browse our showroom.

Additionally, you can submit your information in the form below to receive an estimate.

But if you are ready to know immediately and want to try to estimate the cost of your project yourself, you can follow the method below. Please send your drawing with measurements (Fax: 770-631-9853 or Email:info@debeergranite.comto us so we can verify the accuracy of your quote.

  1. Make a drawing with measurements as shown in Layout Page
  2. Select color and use base note base price per sq. ft. ($28 to $65 per sq.ft)
  3. Calculate total surface area (in sq. ft.) of you project (sum of length x width of all of your pieces)
  4. Total Area x Price per sq. ft = Total Base Price
  5. Select optional features from menu below
  6. Base Price + Options = Total
  7. Your quote will be sent to us after you click ‘Send’

Basic Price include:

  1. Material (granite counter tops)
  2. Standard Edge (Bullnose) (curved edge, 3rd edge on the counter top, and/or 4th edge on the island not included)
  3. Delivery and normal installation of counter tops
  4. Final clean-up of installation related debris
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