Soapstone Colors

Soapstone is a natural stone quarried from the earth in blocks like granite and marble.

It’s made from different materials, but is primarily composed of talc, which gives soapstone its silky smooth feel. It is low maintenance, and unrivaled for its family-friendly resiliency. Unlike granite and marble, soapstone is naturally non-porous and stain resistant. Being softer then both granite and marble, it has a tendency, under stress, to scratch or dent rather than chip. It is also typically easier to repair than granite or marble.

Soapstone oxidizes (turns dark) when exposed to water, grease and oils. Given this, it is recommended that soapstone countertops be treated with mineral oil to keep the oxidation uniform across the entire surface. Colors range from dark grey to bluish or greenish gray. Soapstone has a personality as no two pieces are exactly the same and each can produce unique variations in veining and color. With a small amount of up front maintenance and care, your countertops should reward you with decades of service and beauty.

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