About deBeer Granite & Marble

deBeer Granite & Marble, Inc.

is built on over 15 years of experience in the granite and natural stone business. Quality fabrication, installation and outstanding customer service is our trademark. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

deBeer Granite & Marble, Inc. is a fully integrated retailer of finished and semi-finished natural stone products. Our exquisite stones are acquired in slabs from Brazil, India, China, Norway, Finland, Africa, and many other countries.

We provide quality service to builders, renovators, cabinet makers, interior designers, commercial contractors and individual home owners. We serve clients in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and parts of Florida.

Our mission at deBeer Granite & Marble is to provide our customers with the top quality materials and products, competitive prices and dependable service. Since our inception, we have installed hundreds of granite kitchens in the Atlanta area. We work with builders, designers and homeowners and our main office, showrooms and warehouses are located at 145 Mallory Ct, Tyrone, GA 30290.

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