Wood Top Countertops

Wood or butcher-block countertops have been around as long as the kitchen itself.  Wood is a “living” countertop – the wood still has active enzymes still located within the material.  The wood tops are available in about 15 to 20 different wood species, and are available in various thicknesses. While generally wood counters are usually reserved to an island or butler’s area, they can actually be used in the entire kitchen. This is only recommended if you don’t mind some “patina” that naturally occurs from the wear and tear of wood counters.
Wood countertops will also require some occasional maintenance.  Assuming you use the oil finished wood tops; they will need additional oil applied to the wood every 3 to 6 months. This additional oil wiped on the wood counter will help keep the wood from drying out. Another finish option for wood countertops are a sealer that is sprayed on the wood. Oil finish looks very natural on wood and does not seem as artificial as the sealed finish. Another advantage to the oil finish is that it allows you to cut on it without really worrying about making the finish look bad.  Actually, the more cut marks, nicks, and bruises on your wooden countertop, the more it will help it achieve that special patina.
As stated earlier, most times the wood countertops are reserved for an island or butler’s area. This is a GREAT way to make an otherwise ordinary kitchen a real showstopper. By changing the cabinetry on the island to a furniture grade style and finish, it makes the island stand out from the rest of the cabinets and really creates a sensational focal point of the kitchen. Adding a wood countertop to the island gives it even more of a furniture look. Consider using a wood countertop on your island, and granite or quartz on the perimeter cabinets.  This creates a really handsome look for your kitchen!
Wood Top Countertops
Black Walnut
Brazilian Cherry
Curly Cherry
Heart Pine
Red Oak
White Oak